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I am trained in  the martial arts, and I will teach you.
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Why Us
We at Iron Dragon Martial Arts Academy,
Strive to provide a strict environment focused on gaining complete control ove mind and body.

We strive to provide the best training that we can to better the students that attend our training classes.
As there are many different Martial Arts Schools out there to chose from, Iron Dragon Helps your children in school and in social life.

     The benefits of young children learning a martial art are important to everyday life. Within the martial arts children develop bundles of self confidence and self-esteem which overflows into all areas of their lives, especially with regards to school work.

      It is a proven fact that children who do martial arts achieve better grades at school. Children are already fit, but training in a martial arts helps them retain that fitness, thus keeping them healthy, with activities on the decline in schools, maintaining your childs health is an important issue. It gives children something to be proud of because it is something they achieve themselves, thus increasing self-esteem. Children learn discipline, they learn respect for themselves and their seniors, an ever-losing facet of todays society.